Reclaiming the Tailche Soir

Turn 1: New Colonies

Where the great Houses reach Tailche Soir and establish their bases.

Word comes that your ships have survived the trip across the ocean and have anchored off the coast of Tailche Soir. But where did the winds take them exactly? Should they scout for an abandoned port city to make their home, or should they forge a new city along the coast? They await your order, sire.

And what of the other Houses? Some in your employ have argued that now is the time to engage your enemy, while his attention is on Tailche Soir. Others have said expansion is the best attack and that you should focus on building a successful colony in Tailche Soir. The choice is yours.


House Mer’Guerre

  • Patrol for Smugglers: Send ships to patrol ports of control, discover which merchants are avoiding taxes and smuggling contraband.
    Improve Wealth with Arms (Safe). Successful! Wealth +10%.
  • Research Noble Lineages: Send liaison to capital. Discretely research noble lineage in hopes of finding clues to discover Mer’Guerre link to ancient noble house.
    Improve Sovereignty with Lore (Safe). Failed.
  • Form an Expedition to Tailche Soir: Build ships, hire crews, and acquire supplies to form expedition to Tailche Soir.
    Improve Land with Wealth (Safe). Failed.

House Tonn Taiode

  • Expand and Improve: Assign army to increase land holdings, explore new lands and cut down trees for farms
    Improve Land with Arms (Safe). Failed.
  • Confirm Alliance: Check on rumors that we are on shaky ground with our ally.
    Spy on Tailche Soir Company with Lore (Safe). Successful! Learn one rival CoA for Turn 2.
  • File Claim for Land: Seek to use the power of our house to claim land through the noble legal system from another house.
    Steal Land from House Mer’Guerre with Sovereignty (Risky). Failed.

The Tailche Soir Company

  • Quid Pro Quo: Lavish gifts given now, in exchange for helpful favors later.
    Defend with Wealth (Risky). Successful! Can defend up to 3 attacks.
  • Business As Usual: Buy low, sell high.
    Improve Wealth with Wealth (Safe). Successful! Wealth +10%
  • Build Deep Water Harbor: “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”
    Improve Land with Wealth (Risky). Successful! Land +15%.

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