The Tailche Soir Company


ARMS: 20%
LAND: 50%
LORE: 55%
(Adjusted to reflect Turn 2 results)

Goal: Monopolize trade to and from the Tailche Soir.

Ally: House Mer’Guerre
Enemy: House Tonn Taoide


Motto: Non est ad astra mollis e terris via. “There is no easy path from the earth to the stars.”
Symbol: A compass rose surmounted by a royal crown.

From the Encyclopeadia Arcanica:

The Tailche Soir Company

The Tailche Soir Company (TSC), originally chartered as the Governor and Company of Adventurers of Sanchthair trading into the Tailche Soir, and often called the Her Majesty’s Tailche Soir Company, was a Sanchthairish and later Anaihnid joint-stock company and megacorporation formed for pursuing trade with the Tailche Soir but which ended up trading mainly with the Wooley Bay basin, Barrier Peak frontier province and the Gobli plains.

The Tailche Soir Company traded mainly in gold, silver, gems and ancient Tailchean artifacts. Less than a year after the Tailche Soir was opened up to recolonization, the Queen granted a Royal Charter to “Giorg, Earl of Cairloch, and 215 Knights, Aldermen, and Burgesses” under the name, Governor and Company of Adventurers of Sanchthair trading into the Tailche Soir, making it the oldest among several similarly formed Anaihnid trade and exploration companies. Shares of the company were owned by wealthy merchants and aristocrats. The government owned no shares and had only indirect control.

The Company functioned as the de facto government in parts of Tailche Soir before Anaihnid states laid claim to those territories. From its long-time headquarters at Queensport on Wooley Bay, the company controlled trade throughout much of Anaihnid-controlled Tailche Soir for several years. Undertaking early exploration, its traders and adventurers forged early relationships with many groups of indigenous tribes.

The Tailche Soir Company

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