Garrion Mer'Guerre

Garrion Mer’Guerre is infamously known as a pirate who’s presence dominated the southern coast. While a notably unscrupulous, haggard fellow in demeanor; encounters with his pirate vessel return reports that he is as honorable a combatant as one could expect of a pirate. Reputation has been noted as a pirority to Garrion Mer’Guerre, and has gone out of his way to establish the worth of his word. While his trade is piracy, ransom, and raiding; negotiations, favors, exchanges, and bribes are reported to be upheld to the letter of understanding. Where some pirates would demand ransom only to slaughter the captives after payment, Lords who have seen their relatives as guests in Mer’Guerre’s prison to be returned safely when demands are met. Holding true to Mer’Guerre’s focus on his reputation, when betrayed Mer’Guerr’s vengeance is brutal and swift.

An unconfirmed story circulates as a rumor surrounding Garrion Mer’Guerre as related to an ancient noble line who did not survive the exodus. However, the facts of this rumor are highly subjective and lack any evidence of confirmation or denotation. Since a great deal of ancient lore was abandoned and lost in the exodus from Tailsche Soir; it is as likely that Garrion Mer’Guerre is related to a noble line, as it may likely be false.

Garrion Mer’Guerre, of House Mer’Guerre, holds the self-won title of Lord Admiral to the Sablevert Islands, after defeating House Hallworth.

(GM Note: This is a stub, or a piece that has been referred to but has not been created yet. So far, Garrion was a member of House Mer’Guerre and took control of the Sablevert Islands for his house after defeating House Hallworth.)

Garrion Mer'Guerre

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