Motto: Start with the winds
Symbol: A silver skull on a black banner

House Mer’Guerre is a formidable naval power, enlisting the employ of pirates, mercenaries, and fortune seekers. Due to their control over a group of islands positioned along key trade routes, this self-proclaimed House has asserted a claim to power that refuses to be ignored.

The Sablevert Islands are on the southern expanse of Anaihnid Siar, and are near key trade routes connecting to expensive spice and silk routes. House Mer’Guerre has won influence over the islands when the seated House Hallworth failed to repulse a series of pirate raids, organized by [Garrion Mer’Guerre]. The naval victory allowed Garrion to claim the seat of these vital islands, since Garrion Mer’Guerre usurped House Hallworth, none have been able to challenge House Mer’Guerre’s naval armaments defending the Sablevert Islands.

House Mar’Guerre has connections to many merchants and pirates. Rumors, tales, and news flow into the ports of the Sablevert Islands, fueling a wealth of knowledge and a strong tendency to conduct espionage.

House Mer’Guerre is not recognized as a noble house of old. Having overthrown House Hallworth for control over the Sablevert Islands, many elder houses regard House Mer’Guerre as nothing more than a strong force of rebels to be ousted from their current roost. Offerings of marriage, squires, and wards are not sought with House Mer’Guerre with great ambition, however, House Mer’Guerre is known to take hostages and demand ransoms – a reputation House Mer’Guerre tends to honor.

With control of the Sablevert Islands, House Mer’Guerre sees a great deal of trade pass through their ports and markets. Additionally, with their naval force of pirates, mercenaries, and fortune seekers, House Mer’Guerre has a strong arm to levy taxes on merchants who pass through the waters patrolled by the Mer’Guerre fleet.

Arlin Levonne, Captain
Garrion Mer’Guerre, Lord Admiral

Sablevert Islands

Gemmed Rapier


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