OOC Rules

There are several rules to follow when writing a piece:

  1. It must be a proper noun.
  2. Keep it related to your CoA.
  3. It should be “objective”.
  4. You can define other proper nouns in it.
  5. It cannot contradict any older piece.
  6. Once it’s written, it cannot be contradicted.

There are no rules regarding the length of a piece. Sometimes players don’t have the time or creativity to write a long piece, so short ones are welcome. Long pieces are also welcome, but the longer your piece, the more likely your piece includes details and other proper nouns beyond the scope of the relevant CoA.

A stub is a proper noun referred to by a previous piece but never fully developed through a piece. In other words, they are not fully defined but they do have some definition that cannot be contradicted.

Example: Shallowport is a stub. It was defined as a coastal city in another piece, but that was it. New pieces can further define Shallowport but it must remain a city and must be on a coast.

OOC Rules

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