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Hundreds of years ago, our people lived in the lands of Tailche Soir. Our ancestors built mighty kingdoms and houses there. Some say all people come from there. We fought, we loved, we worshiped, and we died in those lands. It was our home.

Then came the fever, and along with it, the daoine cnah or bone folk. Which was worse is debatable, but their effect was the same—-death. They swept the land from south to north, turning Tailche Soir into a charnel house. It was our cemetery.

But not all of us died there. Thousands fled by ship to Anaihnid Siar, the continent far to the west across the deep blue of the ocean. Many died on the journey. Still more died from disease, hunger, or savage animals as we carved our new homes from the unspoiled wilderness. When we saw familiar ships on the horizon, we sank them before they could spread the fever here. It was our shame.

That is the past. We have been in Anaihnid Siar for so long, our new lands have become our old ones. But we have not forgotten about Tailche Soir. We look toward the east with a mixture of fear, longing, and curiosity.

The wait is over. The Queen has given bills of warrant to several of great Houses to set sail for Tailche Soir, establish a settlement, and explore the lands of our birth. The potential reward is great, for many treasures were left behind in the mad days of sickness and retreat. Yet the risk is equally great, for no one knows if the fever, or the daoine cnah, is still there.

Tailche Soir has been our home, our cemetery, and our shame. What shall it become now?

Reclaiming the Tailche Soir is a playtest of the Genesis setting generation roleplaying game by Happy Bishop Games. Players will take the role of a noble House in a fantasy world where the home continent was lost to a disease and some dark monsters. Survivors fled to another continent and built a life there. That was a few hundred years ago, and now the noble Houses are going to explore the land they fled, to see what treasures and trials await them.

However, noble Houses always scheme, plot, and act against each other in the never-ending struggle for power and money. Exploring the lost continent could bring riches and honor, or it could prove to be a costly waste of time and attention. It’s up to the players to figure that out.

If you are interested in starting your own playtest of this game, please contact WJ MacGuffin and he will help set up your game.

Reclaiming the Tailche Soir

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