Reclaiming the Tailche Soir

Turn 2: Ignoring the Tailche Soir

Where the schemes and games of great Houses delay the colonization

Tailche Soir, the old continent abandoned hundreds of years ago, is no longer empty. Colonies have begun; most notably Queensport by the Tailche Soir Company, but House Tonn Taoide and House Mer’Guerre have their colonies as well. Each is growing in power.

But power breeds distrust. Allies spy on each other, fearing betrayal, while others ready themselves for action. As the Houses increase their hold on Tailche Soir, they start to struggle more with each other than with the wild, abandoned continent.

While their attention is on each other, the Daoine Cnah begin to stir.


House Mer’Guerre

  • Back Taxes with Might: Use armed patrols to levy taxes on delinquent merchants and smugglers, and seize contraband when possible.
    Improve Wealth with Arms (Safe). Success! Arms -5%, Wealth +10%.
  • Research Noble Lineages: Continue discrete research into any link between the modern House Mer’Guerre and the ancient nobles houses of the Tailche Soir era.
    Improve Lore with Lore (Safe). Success! Lore -5%, Lore +10%, for total Lore +5%.
  • Send an Expedition: An expedition to Tailche Soir is sent, claiming land so far unclaimed by the other Houses.
    Improve Land with Sovereignty (Safe). Successful!. Sovereingty -5%, Land +10%.

House Tonn Taiode

  • Highly Focused Training: The army has entered into a period of highly focused training to fully engage
    the bodies and minds of all the officers/nobles and keep them busy.
    Defend with Arms (Safe). Successful! Defend 1 attack this turn. No cost.
  • Take On the Enemy with Mercenaries: Hire mercenaries to attack House Mer’Guerre from the opposite side that House Tonn Taoide is on.
    Damage Arms with Wealth (Safe). Target = Mer’Guerre. Failed. Wealth -2%.
  • Move the Peasants: Pressure all peasants to pick up and move their homes and farms farther into the wilderness.
    Improve Land with Land (Risky). Successful!. Land -5%, Land +15%, for Land +10% total.

The Tailche Soir Company

  • Poaching the Gentry: There are many disaffected seventh sons of seventh sons in House Tonn Taoide, with nothing left to lose. It’s just a matter of knowing which ones can be quietly convinced to risk defection.
    _Steal Arms with Lore (Risky). Target = Tonn Taoide. Successful but Defended by House Tonn Taoide. Lore -5%.
  • Nine Tenths of the Law: Barristers back in Sanchthair petition to secure official land rights for land already being farmed near Queensport.
    Improve Land with Lore (Risky): Successful! Lore -5%, Land +15%.
  • So, Now You Know: Knowing is half the battle, so an army of spies can be quite useful in defending yourself from attacks.
    Defend with Lore (Risky). Successful! Lore -5%. Defend up to 3 attacks this turn.

Pieces to be written

Send an Expedition by House Mer’Guerre
Move the Peasants by House Tonn Taoide
Nine Tenths of the Law by The Tailche Soir Company

Completed pieces

Gleann an Oir by House Tonn Taoide
Wooley Bay Contract by The Tailche Soir Company


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