Reclaiming the Tailche Soir

Turn 3: Queensport Rises

Where a city rises from the wilderness, only to be threatened

Although there are several colonies in Tailche Soir, none can rival the size and wealth of Queensport along the Wooley Bay. Thanks to a timely and suspect contract signed by the Queen, Queensport is growing fast—and The Tailche Soir Company grows with it.

Yet the other houses are not idle. House Mer’Guerre has staked a large claim in Tailche Soir while it finally finds proof that the House is connected to the ancient Houses from before Tailche Soir fell. Will they find a legal claim to Queensport?

Meanwhile, House Tonn Taoide forced its peasants to move deeper into the wilderness of Tailche Soir, eventually finding a lost city called Gleann an Oir. What treasures does this city hold? With its intact buildings, could Tonn Taoide quickly upgrade the city to rival Queensport?

Rumors are spreading that the Daoine Cnah are still in Tailche Soir. Frontier farmers and traders claim to have seen bone folk moving swiftly through the forests, but no proof has been found. Are these merely the paranoid claims of lonely frontiersmen, or do they foretell of darker times ahead?


House Mer’Guerre

  • Naval Training: Conduct routine training exercises with naval vessels.
    Improve Arms with Arms.
  • Petition with Ancient Lines: Present evidence of Mer’Guerre’s noble lineage.
    Improve Sovereignty with Lore.
  • Build a Trading Post: Expedition to Tailche Soir establishes a trading post.
    Improve Wealth with Land.

House Tonn Taoide

  • Push the Claim Limits: House claims vast lands stretching into the interior of the new continent.
    Improve Land with Sovereignty (Risky).
  • Exploring the Continent: Hire explorers to explore the interior of Tailche Soir.
    Improve Land with Wealth (Risky).
  • Turn Servants into Spies: Contact our spies and find servants in our enemy house to listen into conversations and supply information.
    Spy with Lore (Safe). Target: Mer’Guerre.

The Tailche Soir Company

  • Double Agent: We know that you know that we know…
    Steal Lore with Lore (Risky). Target: Tonn Taiode.
  • The Natives Are Restless: Company merchants also makes excellent ambassadors. With winning smiles and exotic gifts they can easily convince the local tribes of the Tailche Soir to go fight someone else.
    Steal Arms with Wealth (Risky). Target: Tonn Taiode.
  • Explore the Barrier Peaks: Using ancient maps and legends of the old kingdoms, intrepid explorers search the Barrier Peaks for a pass through to the east.
    Improve Land with Lore (Risky).

Pieces to be written

XX by House Mer’Guerre
XX by The Tailche Soir Company
XX by House Tonn Taoide

Completed pieces


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