House Tonn Taoide

  • ARMS: 37%
  • LAND: 45%
  • LORE: 47%
  • WEALTH: 35%
    (Adjusted to reflect Turn 2 results)

Goal: To expand our lands so that we surpass all other houses!

Ally: The Tailche Soir Company
Enemy: House Mer’Guerre


Motto: Eternal Service
Symbol: A large muscled man holding a giant urn with both hands, filled with food/vegetables.

While the motto and symbol seem to say one thing, they actually mean quite another.

Motto: Eternal Service: Those in the house are expected to serve the house their entire life. There is no leaving it, attempting to do so will result in that persons assassination, even if it requires vast resources from the house to accomplish it.

Symbol: The man represents the members of the house, the urn full of food represents the assets of the house. The man must hold the urn with both hands because the assets are for the benefit of the house and not for his own use/consumption. So unless the house provides him with food, he would starve and die because he cannot use his own hands to feed himself.

House Tonn Taoide

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